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Magic Pen game

You can see these instruction in-game anytime by going to menu “Q”
Collect the flags with the litte red ball to complete a level.
Move the red ball by drawing objects and pushing it around
Hold down the left mouse button to draw
You cannot draw inside other objects.
To draw a circle, hold the left mouse button where you want the center to be.
Pins and hinges connect objects. A pin fixes the two objects, and a hinge allows rotation. You can put them on the ball too.
Hold “S”, left click to place the pin. Then draw a figure on top.
Hold “A”, and click inside a shape, pin or hinge to erase it.

Programming: Alejandro Guillen
Graphics: Luis Brenes
Music: PitbullJones
Testers: Sergio Andrea Laura Fullva
Thanks to: Erin catto and Mathew Bush for an excellent physics engine
Petri Purho for making the original crayon physics

Link: drawing games